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  • Plastikowe modele okrętów do sklejania

    Miłośnicy okrętów do sklejania znajdą u nas większość najsłynniejszych okrętów jakie pływały w rzeczywistości.

    Pancerniki Bismarck, Tirpitz czy też Yamato, wiele lotniskowców i niszczycieli.

    Zdecydowanie większość naszej oferty modeli okrętów zajmują te z okresu II Wojny Światowej, ale są też i modele bardziej współczesnych okrętów.

    Również kilka żaglowców z różnych epok posiadamy na magazynie od ręki do szybkiej wysyłki.

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In our offer you will find many interesting items models of tanks, military vehicles, guns, helicopters, military aircraft and passenger ships, sailing ships, trucks and trailers, cars, motorcycles, trains, wagons, buildings, statues, and many others in different scales .

Still we expand our offer with new products so as to meet the needs of our customers.

Currently, there is such a wide range of plastic models for bonding, that each modeller can easily find something for themselves the most appropriate.

We make every effort to available in our models for bonding were the best price for the customer and to the ordered items were placed as soon as possible into the hands of authorities.

Our product range is of course not only the models, but also all the add-ons that allow you to create an even more realistic look bonded models.

We also offer a professional craft glue, paint, chemistry modeling, brushes and various other useful modeling tools reputable companies.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to place orders.

We hope that shopping in our online model shop will be the beginning of a fascinating adventure with this interesting hobby, which is modeling.