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21,39 EUR

RMS Mauretania scale 1:600, numer katalogowy: A04207

Ships scale 1/400 to 1/1200

RMS Mauretania scale 1:600

21,39 EUR
11,21 EUR
Manufacturer: Airfix
Model: A04207
Status: in stock
Shipment: 3,29 EUR (prepayment), 4,00 EUR (download)
product Description

The Mauretania was built at Wallsend-on-Tyne and launched in 1906. For 22 years the Mauretania was the fastest North Atlantic passenger liner averaging 25 knots for the crossing. The Mauretania had nine decks with accommodation for 560 first class, 475 second class and 1,300 third class passengers. During WWI she served both as an armed cruiser and as a hospital ship. She made her last Atlantic crossing in September 1934 and was broken up at Rosyth in 1935.

Montaż:Model do sklejania
Typ:Model plastikowy
Skala:Skala 1:600
Marek 35 napisał:
Ocena: 10/10 ocenaocenaocenaocenaocena
Model statku bardzo dobrze wykonany i prosty do złożenia. Polecam.

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