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Tanks - plastic models do bonding

Among the modelers are many fans of armored vehicles, each of them is constantly expanding its home collection of plastic models of your favorite tanks. Some models like armor from the period of WWII while others more modern equipment.

In our online model shop we try to make any modeller fond stick models of tanks could find the right model for yourself.

Surely every enthusiast armor easily search for models such as the famous tanks Tiger I, King Tiger, Sherman, Panther, PZIV and many others.

The wide range of tanks have to stick models of the periods of World War I, through WWII, the Cold War to modern times.

With each period we have thematic models of tanks in scales of 1/16, 1/35, 1/144 up to the rock.

As for the producers of models of tanks which have in their warehouse that are: Dragon, Tamiya, Italeri, Takoma, Meng and many other more or less known companies.

If among the models of tanks for bonding is such that we do not have - ask maybe we can order it.

Models tanks

Promocja Nowość Bestseller

Models tanks